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Insurers rely on Milliman's tools to add consistency and efficiency to the process of estimating unpaid loss liabilities. Designed specifically for the property and casualty industry, our advanced software turns detailed insurance data into the information needed to make smarter, better business decisions. As companies strive for to comply with new regulatory standards, Milliman offers powerful tools that streamline many of the needed calculations.

ReservePro was designed by our team of actuarial and software development experts. Our experts continually enhance our tools and share their in-depth product knowledge with users, providing product support and comprehensive training.

One of the world's most popular tools for property and casualty loss analysis, ReservePro® offers sophisticated analyses while remaining easy to learn and use. The system provides more than 200 exhibits and 40 deterministic actuarial methods. ReservePro reduces the risk of calculation or data errors, maintains consistency among multiple users, and allows more rapid response to changing business needs. This system works with another Milliman tool, TriangleMaker™, which summarizes data into triangles at any level of detail, ready for analysis.

ReservePro Enterprise Edition

ReservePro Enterprise adds a comprehensive database solution to our desktop loss-analysis tool. This enhancement allows all employees across an organization to use ReservePro from a central database for loss, claim, and expense information, with pre-defined levels of adjustment authority. Our enterprise solution streamlines the P&C loss analysis process by automating many key reserving tasks, ensuring accuracy and consistency among divisions.

Learn more about ReservePro and ReservePro Enterprise. 

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