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Claims management & case reserving

LCase claims management and case reserving software


LCase® supplements existing claims management software by providing specific data fields for key claim information for the small percentage of liability claims that stay open for extended periods of time and make up the bulk of the ultimate dollars to be paid. LCase also provides a state-of-the-art case-reserving environment for such claims.

In liability claims management, computers have greatly increased the efficiency and volume of claims processed, but industry software falls short when it comes to managing claims that stay open for extended periods. Due to the complexity of these claims, it is often difficult to come to a comprehensive understanding of their current status and determine accurate long-term costs. In traditional systems, virtually all of the important information is found only in the adjustors ’ notes, which are time-consuming to read for the handlers and their supervisors.

LCase overcomes the common limitations of current industry systems by giving claims professionals the ability to easily review key information as they make day-to-day decisions when managing a claim.

Tailor LCase to your system

LCase is designed to supplement existing systems for the small fraction of claims that stay open for extended durations—cases that ultimately account for the majority of all dollar benefits paid for injuries. The software is primarily set up for U.S. workers’ compensation, but LCase can easily be used with any other liability claim that pays long-term medical or wage-replacement benefits. Flexibility is built-in, with features such as:

  • A structured environment in which multiple case-reserve components can be introduced to build up a record in detail based on the specific benefits being reserved.
  • The ability to calculate case reserves in separate claim elements, each of which can be labeled with specific descriptors. Up to 35 separate descriptors can be used to document a case reserve calculation.
  • The ability to calculate case reserves by using traditional methods or by using life annuities that provide for mortality during the benefit payout period. Each component of a claim can have unique calculation rules applied for accurate cost projection.

A much more effective way to manage claims data

LCase’s data fields and other key information can easily be linked to tables in your system, which minimises repetitive data entry and updating. The software uses a field structure that is national in scope, with terms that apply to basic U.S. workers’ compensation concepts. It avoids the use of unique state-specific terms unless they are critical for understanding the status of a claim.

The software makes claims management easier by:

  • Using many discrete fields to describe each claim in a comprehensive manner, thus reducing the need for individual and summary narrative descriptions
  • Using modern database field formats and text-entry mechanisms to encourage the entry of uniform data that will be understandable upon review
  • Having scrolling portals that show the entire note rather than lists with limited data that must be clicked on to read the full entry
  • Employing as few computer screens as possible, each of which uses modern screen sizes and multiple tab areas
  • Providing excellent inter-operation with other databases and IT infrastructure through industry standard technologies such as ODBC, PHP, and SQL.

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